Plickers Magnet

Size 58mm diameter, size just right for student to hold in hand. Durable compare to cards.

Design A
More accurate in assessing student's performance. Answers choice (A-D) at the back of the button so students can see their own answers when holding up.

Plickers Design A

Design B
Colourful & attractive to students. Answers choice (A-D) are in front of the button.

Plickers Design B

Price at $39.90** per set (Consist of 21pcs)
Set 1 from number 1 to 21
Set 2 from number 22 to 42

Set 3 from number 43 to 63
Each set comes with box to store your Plickers magnet

Plickers Designs2

- ** price is subjected to 7% GST
- Smartpac postage fee is $8** for quality less than 7 sets and $10** for 8 to 14 sets
- Payment via Cash, PayNow or E-Invoice

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