canvas cover


The Mini Canvas & Easel

Canvas Set
The canvas set comes with a stand and a canvas mount onto wooden blocks just like a normal painting canvas! You can do your own painting, art & craft to show your creativities. We can also help you to print your artwork/photo onto the canvas.

 Mini Canvas Easel
Mini Canvas Easel (100mm by 60mm)
 Mini Canvas
Mini Canvas Textured
(55mm by 55mm)
Plain Canvas
Canvas Sizes Available (55mm by 55mm, 355mm by 280mm and 605mm by 500mm)

Mini Canvas Printing
You can also provide us with your artwork and we will help you to print on the mini canvas. Each mini canvas comes with a magnet behind so that you can stick on any metal surface.

mini canvas printing

canvas hand
Mini canvas properly stretch and staple onto the back of the wooden wedges just like the big canvas!

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