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The Acrylic Ruler

Looking for a gift to your students as a reward? Here's something you can consider, a customisable 15cm ruler that allows you to have your artwork on both front and back of the ruler. A perfect souvenir for your students! You can also purchase the blank acrylic ruler and let your students design/draw on their own! Let them showcase their creativities! (Ruler measurements: 162mm by 44mm)

Acrylic Ruler Designs
The ruler images can be personalised to your own design. With the given transparent space for both front and back of the ruler, you can now have larger creativity area on the ruler!

Acrylic Ruler Design 1  Acrylic Ruler Design 2 
 Acrylic Ruler Design 3  Acrylic Ruler Design 4
 Acrylic Ruler Design 5  Acrylic Ruler Design 6
 Acrylic Ruler Design 7  Acrylic Ruler Design 8


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