button badge cover

The Button Badge

Our pin badges are mostly in metal backings like those in the 40s. The classic look remains! The metal is coated to minimize the possibilities of rust. It is an ideal item for all walks of life, especially among children, teenagers and youngsters.

Besides the traditional pin backing, we have more varieties now! It means that customers have more choices to choose from that complement their promotional campaigns. It makes the button badge even more fun and attractive!


 Types Of Button Badge Backing
The different types of button badge backing for your different needs.

button badge4

Pin Button Badge
(32 / 44 / 58 / 75mm Diameter)

plastic button badge

Plastic Button Badge
(58mm Diameter)


magnet piece3

Wearable 33mm Round Magnet
(58 / 75mm Diameter)

magnet rect piece2
Wearable Rectangle Magnet

(58 / 75mm Diameter)

 Wearable Button With Clip
Wearable Button With Clip
(58 / 75mm Diameter)


Magnetic Flat Badge
(58 / 75mm Diameter)

memo clip badge2

Magnetic Memo Clip
(58mm Diameter)


Magnetic Bottle Opener
(58mm Diameter)

mirror badge

Mirror Keychain
(58mm Diameter)


(44mm Diameter)

magnet button2

Magnet Button
(32 / 44mm Diameter)

Types Of Button Badge Finishing / Materials used
We have various types of button badge finishing. Each of the finishing shows the different look of the button badge.

badge highgloss

High Gloss Finishing

badge mylar

Mylar Finishing

badge matt

Matt Finishing

badge origami

Origami Finishing

badge felt

Felt Finishing

badge canvas

Canvas Finishing


Additional Items
Additional items can be added on to the button badge or purchase at our showroom.


Poly Packing With Card & Badge

polybag individual

 Individual Poly Packing

button card

Button Badge Card

Mylar Sheets (100pcs/pack)


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