fridge magnet cover2

The Fridge Magnet

The flexible/flat magnet is one of the most economical and ideal giveaway item. It is generally being retained and kept by people who received it due to its usefulness. The cost of customizing with your own design is relatively low compare to other products and yet it can be designed with different graphics, makes it more interesting and colourful.

Besides, the flexible magnet can also be made into memo, calendar, bookmark and puzzle, which add more functional usages.

fridge magnet rectangle2
Calendar Flat Magnet

fridge magnet memo
 Memo Flat Magnet

fridge magnet custom shape
Custom Shape Magnet

magnet bookmark2

Magnet Bookmark

 puzzle magnet2

Magnet Puzzle

magnet set2

Magnet Set With Memo Pad

Magnetic Photo Frame
polaroid holder2
Magnetic Fujifilm Instax/Polaroid Holder


Additional Items
Additional items can be added on to the fridge magnet.

marker fridge magnet

Magnetic Marker


Marker Holder


White Pen


Plastic Poly Packing


Support Card

 post pad

Post-it Pad


water proof magnet

Water Proof Magnet
Now, your car provide you free advertising space for your business! This magnet is catered for customers who like to have their marketing message pasted on the car. It can be easily removed and installed as and when you like and without dirtying or damaging your car. The size is around A3 size and large enough to attract attention. It is waterproof so you do not have to worry when it rains. Good for advertising when you park your vehicle in car park!

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