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The Badge Machine

Our button badge machine is easy to use. It is very suitable for all types of functions and events which create lots of fun and surprises!  Participants will sure have an enjoyable time and be amazed with the finished badges!

As we have different types of backing, you can use the machine to create not only pin badge but other types of backing as well, such as magnetic opener, memo clip, keychain and mirror etc.

Our machine comes with a standard size mould, 58mm diameter. However, you can choose other sizes we have like 32mm, 44mm or 75mm diameters as well.

badge machine 2019

 The Button Badge Machine (Left) And Cutter (Right)

Button Badge Machine Parts
The button badge machine parts can be purchased at our showroom and factory.

Mould Slider

Mould Rings

 badge machine end stopper
Pin Stopper

32/44/58/75mm Button Badge Mould

Mould Base

button badge materials
Button Badge Materials
These button badge materials come in different sizes: 32/44/58/75mm diameter which fit our button badge making machine. The materials are sold in sets which consist of the shell, backing and mylar sheets.

Call us now @6841 6591 for more enquiries.

Badge Machine Tutorial

Having trouble with your button badge making
machine? Try our video tutorials!

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